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Member Sarah_Medley has asked this question:


I was wondering if anyone can help? I am the manager of a pre-school and we have started to use tapestry today. Is there any way that you can see which area of learning you have completed? When you view next steps does it remove the steps you have already completed? Hope this makes sense it's been a long first day back !! Thanks in advance.

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Hello Sarah_Medley,

To see which areas of learning you have assessed you can use the thoroughness picker or the summative assessment snapshot screen. If you what to know which statements you have already assessed you will need to look at the Development Matters screen from your snapshot tab.

The next steps generated by Tapestry are related only to the age bands selected in assessments. They are taken from the vertical columns in Development Matters rather than simply moving through the age band descriptors. This is to help you think more holistically about how a child is developing and how they could be supported to make more progress. If you select the same age band to assess a subsequent observation the next steps will be the same - you are encouraged to use your professional judgement to plan and shape a programme that is pertinent to the individual child.


Analysis - Full version

Snapshots - statement screen

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Hello Faith,

When you are writing a report you can delete the prepopulated next steps if that is what you want to do and then you are able to write your own ones in. If you leave the box blank your report will still have the 'next steps' heading showing. Obviously, if you don't want to comment on a particular area in a report e.g specific areas in a 2 year check, you can uncheck the 'display this section' box to hide areas - then they won't show up on your report at all.

Does that help you? Let me know if you need more assistance! :1b

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