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Deleting children as they start school


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Good morning Mel,

I wouldn't recommend deleting your children until all the transfers have successfully completed. Although we have a long run in to deletion (90 days) to allow you to change your mind or realise a mistake, once those children have been deleted - they are really gone and so it their data. If you delete them and the receiving school has a problem and doesn't let you know about it in time, the clock is ticking on deletion.

What I suggest is that you make the children who are in the transfer process 'inactive'. You can do this from the 'manage children' section in your control panel (top right of your Tapestry screen). They won't count in your package limit and can be deleted once both you and the receiving school are happy that all the data has transferred successfully.

If you need any more help please do not hesitate to get back in touch! :1b

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