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Daycare diary "Sleep"


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Thank you for introducing the day care diary, we love it!

Slight issue with the sleep time. We cannot amend it, if a child goes to bed at 10 am and we do not get to log on until let's say 10.45 the system records it as 10.45 and cannot be amended. Could someone please look into it.

Thank you

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Good morning Vanina_Cooper,

Thank you for this feedback about the care diary. As you will know, the care diary is still in the beta (testing) phase and so feedback like yours is very helpful. Several other users have commented similarly to you, consequently we are making changes to how sleep is recorded and these changes will be ready very soon. :1b

We're really pleased that you are getting on well with the rest of the care diary ... let us know if you have any other comments.

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