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One package or multiple ones?


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This is a list of pros and cons for purchasing one package for your setting or having multiple packages, we do recommend for schools having a package per key stage but you can use this article to help make the decision as to which option is best for your setting. :)


One package



  • You can see data for your whole setting, so you are able to compare different year groups.
  • Staff can use one account to access children in different year groups/cohorts.
  • You can add observations for children across year groups.
  • Relatives can use just one log in to access accounts for more than one child.
  • Avoids almost all the cons you get from having multiple packages.


  • The initial set up process might take longer, for example with adding lots of groups.
  • Mistakes are more likely to be made in the set up process e.g. children linked to wrong teachers or they are put in wrong groups.
  • If you are using the old app, you cannot filter children by groups when adding or viewing observations. This is available on the new iOS app though and on the beta version of the new Android app.
  • There are no criteria groups in some of the analysis screens e.g. for the group comparison screen you couldn't look for Summer born boys in your 2019 cohort, which means having to add more groups.
  • The settings in the Control Panel, apart from the User Permissions, apply to everyone on the account. So, for example which assessment frameworks you have enabled.
  • If you are looking at lists of all the children if you are a large setting it might take more scrolling through.
  • If you are a manager on the account you might find it more difficult to manage.
  • Staff only have the option of receiving notifications regarding their key children or all children. This means some managers (those who manage a key stage or cohort, with their own class, but who do not need to see information about all the children on Tapestry) may receive quite a lot of irrelevant notifications.


Several packages



  • Easier set up process at the beginning as you might not need to add so many groups or set up key children for staff.
  • Fewer children to scroll through when adding observations.
  • Avoids almost all the cons you get from a singular package.



  • You won't be able to see the data for your whole setting. For example if you have several packages for your school, you won't be able to see data for children from reception to year 6. You'll only be able to see data for the children who are in one package.
  • The end of year process might be more difficult, you will either need to transfer children or rename packages (also might mean setting specific URLs then link to the wrong setting name).
  • More logging in/out for staff and parents, which would be especially bad for staff who teach one subject to all the year groups.
  • More invoices to deal with.
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