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Refinements in observations


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So I have attempted to test this and am not getting any further so wondered if someone could help!

when writing an observation and linking it to the EYFS we currently aren't putting a refinement.

we also use the whole year as a term as it is easier to see information.


So some of our children throughout the year use two age brands which is fine. However it is showing them up as behind (i can only assume because now they are older, the observations which where done at the beginning of the year in the younger age band, are now making them seem as though they are behind)

When I have read about it, it says that the age band they give is done on average from observations. however this doesn't seem right as child X has 1 22-36 ob and 5 30-50 but is putting them as secure 22-36.


Someone said to use refinements with each observation however I am lead to believe the refinment on each observation means the whole area rather than just what was linked on that observations


E.g. Child X gave another child a cup and said this is your tea do you want sugar?

(I would link to initiates play, offering cues to peers to join them.) EYFS if I then put secure because she is secure at doing that, would tapestry take it as she is secure at everything in 30-60 PSED making relationships?


Sorry I hope you understand what I am trying to say! Please help me!

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We really advise you not to have just the one assessment period (ie the whole year). You won't be able to show progress over time, if there is only one period.

Tapestry does average the assessments over the period- so to explain what's happening with your account, one of the team would need access. Could you send in a support ticket to tapestry.support@eyfs.info and we'll help you work out what's going on?

You don't need to use a refinement for every observation- in fact, many settings just choose an age-band and then make the refinements at a later date- perhaps every half-term when you're reviewing how your children are doing. Refinements are indeed for the age-band not each individual statement.

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