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We have a child that has been attending another setting and we both use Tapestry under separate accounts.

The child has now left the other setting and they have sent us a transfer of the child's learning journal. I have yet to accept the import.


I am just wondering where this information will go. Will it automatically join our learning journal for him and be mixed in with our observations or will it add him as a new child? Obviously if it is the latter it will not be much use to us as we will continue adding to his existing profile here.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Congrats on your first post ...

Yes, if the other setting transfers the journal to you will end up with two journals - once you have both journals you just need to merge them. I am attaching the turotial to follow once you have both journals in one place: Merging 2 accounts


Get back in touch if you need any more help

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