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Hi everyone


I am not the most confident of people when it comes to music activities - think it all stems back to being told i was no good at it at primary school by 1 'lovely' teacher!!


Here i am sitting trying to plan for the next half term and am flying with all elements apart from some inspiring music activities


My theme is Jaspers Beanstalk (growing) and am in desperate need of some ideas for music activities for my reception class


Any ideas great fully received



Sarah xoxoxoxo

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If you're also looking at Jack and the Beanstalk, could do higher and lower (pitch). Turn a glockenspeil or xylophone on its end (so it looks like a ladder) and play up from low to high to show Jack climbing up the beanstalk. Can also do fast and slow, play slowly going up the beanstalk and fast coming down (tempo).


What about doing a sound story for Jasper's beanstalk, with children using instruments or body sounds to accompany the actions?



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