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Extremely important safety information: Disney travel mug


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This is from today's BBC news - please let all your families know so that no other child suffers such a horrific event.


"The Disney Store has withdrawn a travel mug from sale and destroyed existing stocks after a seven-year-old girl's tongue became stuck in the lid. Megan Donald's tongue became jammed in the Monsters Inc screw-top cup while at school in Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow. It was removed by hospital staff using a hacksaw and drill four hours later. The Disney Store said it had withdrawn the mug and similar products from its stores and websites and destroyed all current stocks. But Megan's mother Natalie, 31, from Kirkintilloch, said she was concerned the same thing could happen to other children and has called for the company to recall the product. She told the BBC Scotland news website: "They said they had removed the mug from sale but what about all the people that already have them? I just want to warn people about them. "You would never think this was something that could happen. You would never think a cup like that could be a danger.""


Read the full report here: Disney mug taken off sale after lid stuck on girl's tongue

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