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Guest tinkerbell

We have started doing half hour observations on each other in school.My problem is that collegues don't really know what they shold be looking for in a foundation class,r/yr1.Does anyone have any documentation that will help here? Apart from getting them to read the Foundation curriculum !

thanks Tinkerbell

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I am in a preschool and I use these headings for Staff Observations.



Positions body at childrens level, uses eye contact.

Intervenes with play, or not, appropriately

narrates description of childrens play

Listens and responds using an appropriatte level of communication


Role Model

Is polite and courteous to children and adults

Uses body language to demonstrate to children

Uses verbal language alongside physical demonstration

Actively participates in activities, is able to follow a child lead.


Extending knowledge relevant to plans and childrens IPP's

Asks open questions

Explains, describes and asks for solutions to problems

Clarifies childrens comments and ideas

Repeats previously learning observed within different contexts


Behaviour Management

Gives descriptive praise; ie: well done, good listening

Gives unconditional praiseie: not just after adult led requirements

Intervenes, distracts, when required

supports children in solving own disputes and managing own space.


Safety awareness

Is aware of and deals with environmental hazards immediately

is aware of where children are at all times

maintains supervision of activities

Teaches children safe use of equipment, tools and environment



Remains in own area of responsibility

is aware of other staffs need for support when required

Ensures cover is gained prior to leaving area of responsibility

Supports the shared responsibility of maintaining ratio's and meeting all childrens needs


A narrative observation is done and then scored to the above criteria, each area scored between 1and 4 ( not all areas will always be covered during one observation)

The observation is shared with the member of staff and any training needs or areas for improvement are identified, plus specific areas of success are valued.


Some of these criteria are quite basic but by putting them down this way it helps to focus the observation, assessment and feedback.



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Has your school got a copy of the Self Evaulation Form for the Foundation Stage? This has got some useful statements on that could be a basis for judgements. I don't have a copy on my computer so can't attach it.

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