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Hi everyone


I hope you can help me. I am currently about to start my six week block placement of teaching practice (I finished working in my Playgroup in June to start a PGCE in Sept), and I have to organise lessons and games around maths - well all subjects, but maths is the one that is most worrying me most :o


The class is Year 1 (NI) so I think that is eqivalent to Reception in England. In relation to games I have to organise 5 different practical activities for 5 groups of 4 children on 5 separate tables, one day a week. The focus will be on Number 9 for two weeks, and then number 10 for two weeks. (They have to be table top games - I cant use sand/water/dough etc.)


I have photocopied bits and pieces from college, and I have looked at the Eunice Pitt book, and the Philip and Tracey book (which has been great for multilink cube ideas), but a lot of the ideas are for whole class interaction or just two people, or rely on worksheets - I would just like to make or do something really practical and fun.


One of the ideas I had was giving each child a cardboard 'Pizza base' imitation, and getting them to stick on 9 or 10 objects, so they would have to count it out before. I had also though of using a feely box type of a game where each child had to put their hands into either side of an empty crisp box and try to thread 9 or 10 beads - but they would have to feel and count, rather than seeing.


For the whole class lesson, I have been able to find lots of mental maths ideas to start with, but the development of the lesson is worrying me. I will be using an interactive white board for the whole time, so for number 9, I was thinking of getting children to count objects on the screen, or matching them to the numbers, but I cant think of anything else.


My teacher has been brilliantly helpful, and I would really like to impress her, but I'm just feeling so out of my depth, so any ideas would be greatfully appreciated.


So to sum up, after this lengthly essay of mine :( , I am looking for ideas for small group maths practical activities not using worksheets or sand or water etc, and then ideas for developing a maths lesson on an interactive whiteboard - all related to the number 9 or 10.


* I have also looked on the forum search site, but I havent been able to find what I am looking for, or maybe I am missing something. xD


Thanks in anticipation for any help :D:D:D:D



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Initial thoughts on this:


There are plenty of photocopiable 'board' games in resource books which can be copied & enlarged; these could then be adapted to have instructions such as 'go on 9 places' or 'go back 9 places'.


You could have sorts/counters/cubes... which children have to find different ways of making up the number 9/10 - could then record the sum, or could photograph for ICT link & more child-friendly form of record-keeping (our numeracy advisor recently visited our school & said they love seeing photographic evidence - we couple these with children's comments, so someone to observe & record these is useful).


Could play a game; may be Snap! or I'm sure loads of other games would work well, where when you effectively win (e.g. spot the pair and shout snap first) you could place a coloured counter on a 1-9/1-10 number grid (or colour in a square each time) and the first person to reach the last number is the winner.


Make a spinner with some sections empty and some sections with items on, e.g. sweet, apple etc (things which could be bought at a shop). Children each have 9 pennies - they take it in turns to spin the spinner - if it lands on a picture they can spend a penny ( :o ) and buy that item, if it lands on a blank it's the next person's turn. The first person to spend all their money is the winner.


I'll keep thinking. I'm sure other people will contribute fantastic ideas.


Good luck with it! Let us know how you're getting on. :)

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Dont know if this is the sort of thing you are after?!


For counting 10 you could get the children to make flowers with 10 petals. They could use muffin cases for the flower centre, write the number 10 in the middle and stick on 10 pre-cut petals. Draw in the stem and a leaf or two. I have done these with my class and they look great.


good luck :o

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Again with a spinner that has 10 on some sections and 9 on the rest (to help with telling the difference between the numbers) - children have the outline of a ladybird and some of black/red sticky spots (can buy at sationery shop). Spin the spinner - if it lands on a 10 stick a spot on the ladybird. First to stick 10 spots on is the winner.


Alternatively a caterpillar and larger coloured circle stickers - stick a spot on if spin a 9 - frirst to have 9 spots wins etc.


I have been able to leave reception children to play these sorts of games in small groups without adult help.


Will think of more but have a mound of paperwork tonight :o



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Thanks everyone - these are such lovely ideas. :D


If anyone thinks of anymore, please let me know - I've just realised I've also to cover early addition in my 5th and 6th week, starting with partitioning, but Im sure by then I will be feeling a little more confident. :)

It's horrible though - I just feel like I did in the first year of running the Playgroup - like I know nothing :( So Glad this Forum is here though - I dont know what I would do without it - Probably buy more wine I imagine :oxD


Thanks again



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