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Please help!!!! I've tried scanning my pages of We're Going on a Bear Hunt but the big book is way too big for my little scanner and I don't have a smaller copy. I was hoping someone on here would have a copy for me to use - I want the children to sequence the story with the pictures!!!


Am desperate as I'm being observed for the lesson!!!! Hope someone can help - would be VERY greatful !!!!


Thanks in advance!



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Thanks Barb - am desperate, so may have to use these ones! A friend has offered to lend me the smaller version of the book - but it depends on whether or not I can meet up with her to get it! Oh dear!


Thanks again!

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Hi, I did the bear hunt and scanned pages on the smart board...i will try to attach for you...


hope it works..

on second thoughts it is on hard drive at school so will try to do it for you asap



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Hi Gator,

I have the whole story on a publisher document but it is over 300 mb in size, I may be able to email it to you a page at a time, if this is useful then pm me with your email address.


I have attached a bear hunt powerpoint presentation which I found on the internet, it is a schools photo presentation of how they went on a bear hunt, also a pdf file of pics to support the story sequence.


(powerpoint took a while to attach)




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