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I think it would be very helpful if there was an option to only see notifications from parents and not from other members of staff. I want to make sure that I respond to every parent who contributes so would really like a way to make it more obvious when a parent has made a contribution.


Perhaps this could be by have 3 options (or filter) to only see parent contributions, only see staff contributions or a combination.


Or perhaps the contributions could be colour coded in the notifications dropdown menu e.g. staff contributions are in green and parents are in orange.


Charlotte :)

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Morning Charlotte,

One way of doing this, not through the notifications system is through your 'Events' tab (control panel, top right). You can set the filters to see 'data type' (observation) and 'triggered by' (relatives). This will give you a list of every observation that parents have added or commented on. If you hover your computer mouse over the observation title (blue) in the list and 'right click' you will be able to open the observation in a new tab - this will leave the list in one tab so that you can go through the obs one by one to make sure you don't miss any.

Hope that helps

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Is there a way to monitor staff's replies to parent's comments - similar to the way I approve their obs before they go live? Perhaps I don't have the settings correct, but staff often comment before I've even seen the parent's comment.

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You can see pretty much everything through the filters on the 'Events' tab, However, I don't think it's possible to see staff replies to parent comments before they submit them (as you can with observations) but you will be able to see who has commented and when from the filters on 'Events'.

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