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Had Approval from County Today.....


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I raised a question with County (feee department) about being able to charge parents for their child's Learning Journal two weeks ago as we are trying to cover costs in these hard times. I am pleased to say, they have said we can.


At first, I was told it was consumables, i.e. meals, nappies only that we could charge for. I highlighted that no where in the EYFS does it state we have to provide a Learning Journal. Ofsted only need to see progress, and I can print this off via snapshots and give this to parents. Our funding is reliant on producing 2 progress summaries a year, which we do and therefore, we are meeting requirements. I also pointed out, our tapestry fees were now being increased, due to them no longer subscribing, which was yet another squeeze on our finances. I said I only wanted to cover costs in these economically challenging times and he said he saw my point and would get back to me. Two days later, true to his word, he did and agreed we were providing parents with more than required and therefore, we could charge.

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