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Hello Everyone! I hope someone can help me, as I'm tearing my hair out at the moment!


I have been made responsibnle for ensuring the planning is done in our room, but we have so many bits of paper flying around, that I'm struggling to keep up. We have a long term plan (which only states learning intentions for the coming year), a medium term plan (which takes 4/5 learning intentions from the long term plan) and our short term plan, which is simply an activity plan, plus a learning intentions sheet. I have to do outdoor plans and focus activity plans and to be honest, I'm not sure if it's right or if there is a better way of doing it.


I'm regularly arguing with my managers about this and it's beginning to cause trouble, so I would be grateful if someone can tell me what I should be doing. With what I learnt during my course and with what my manager is now telling me, I don't know who to believe or what to do.


Thanks :o

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Hi - and welcome to the forum!


There are loads of planning ideas on the forum relating to continuous provision (long term) for both birth to three and foundation stage.


There are also planners and various formats for medium term and focus activities.


There are so many, it would be easier if you do a search for 'planning' or go to the forum index - you should be able to find some helpful ideas. Someone may be able to link to them later (I'm just about to go out on a visit...)




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In my preschool we have a long term plan, have ditched the medium term plan, and do weekly short term plans which have a mix of continuous provision and adult focus activities which relate to a story for the week ( or it may last longer than a week or only for a few days, depending on childrens responses)


Our continuous provision plans just state what resources we will provide and are totally child initiated in how the children use them and how they will define their own learning intentions, we just observe, scaffold and provide additional resources that the children indicate they need or ask for.


As RB says, have a look around, what works for some doesn't work for others. Don't worry too much, your planning will adapt and evolve and I personally think is so dependent / influenced by the children you have at the current time. There are also quite a few recent topics on outdoor planning.

Try to not let the "paperwork" take away they joy of childrens natural disposition to learn, experiment, explore and have fun. :D



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