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Option for colour coding on EYFS Snapshots to include refinements


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Previously on the snapshots the only coding for whether children are below, at or above their actual age only related to the age band a child was assessed in and did not take into account the refinement.


We have now added an option to include refinements, which managers can enable by going to the Control Panel -> Settings -> Summative Assessments and in the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' section tick the 'Use refinements when assigning the colour coding for whether a child is above, at or below expectations' option.


Before this change, and without the refinement option enabled, a 50 month old child who had been assessed as 30-50 emerging would be green, but with the new option selected they would be red as we would expect a 50 month old to be secure in 30-50


By default this option is not turned on, so you will not see any changes to the colour coding for your snapshots but if you enable you might see this change.

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