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Next steps - EYFS?


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First of all can I say what a pleasure it is to be using this wonderful system!


The tutorials are fabulous, I have learned so much, however, I am currently fielding questions about the next steps; where are they from? Some seem so obscure that we can't relate them to the EYFS statements. I'm sure its me missing something but if you could help i would be eternally grateful!

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Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your feedback; we really appreciate it, and we're very pleased you're enjoying using Tapestry.

The next steps suggestions are taken from the whole of the Development Matters document- including the Positive Relationships and the Enabling Environments columns, not just the Unique Child statements.

We at Tapestry really want to avoid the 'teaching by numbers' approach- whereby teachers and practitioners 'tick off' a statement, only to be presented with the next statement as a suggested next step! This is why we looked at the whole document and suggest experiences and activities that knowledgeable and skilled staff can choose from if they wish, based on their professional judgement of where the children's learning needs to be supported. :1b

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