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Morning ,

Is there a way I can print off the parents comments ? Have I missed ticking a box as the parent comments do not show if I download an individual observation. Do they only show in the full LJ download ?


Can the system just sort parent comments/feedback and can they be printed ?

thank you hope this makes sense .

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Comments are not included when you export individual observations, although this is something that is on our list of things to add to Tapestry.


You can include comments made on observations when exporting a child's learning journal though, you can find this option at the bottom of the journal export page in the 'Other' section. You just need to tick the option 'Include comments on observations'.


You can filter observations to see ones with parent comments on by clicking on the 'filter & sort observations' link at the top of the page. In that pop-up box you can select 'with relative comments' from the comments drop-down list. But as previously mentioned it's not currently possible to print single observations with comments on.


We will keep you updated about any changes to this.

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