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Weekly Planning Formats / Structure of Sessions


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Hi Everyone,


I am a Play leader of a small Playgroup and we have just embarked on using Tapestry!!


We are also looking to change our weekly planning format that we use. At the minute a lot of our session is very much child initiated but would like to introduce a more structured session with child initiated play still encouraged.


I would really appreciate anyone willing to share their weekly planning format and how you complete this to also include individual children's interests and next step's and the ways in which you run a typical session.


Many Thanks to you all ::1a ::1a ::1a

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Have you had a look in the resource library? You might find something there that inspires you? There are also lots of threads that might give you some ideas. If you use the little cog next to the search bar (top right of your page) and search for "planning" (make sure you use the " ") and search for 'title' only you should find lots of threads where this has come up before (I found 80 threads! :blink:)

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