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Wild Things


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Look at slider mechanisms and then make a boat that sails past the Wild Things' island (piece of card, decorated, with a slit in. Cardboard boat on a stick)


Draw your own Wild Thing and write a description of it


Use paper plates to make Wild Thing face puppets with collage materials


Photocopy :o /draw the pictures, stick them to lollysticks and act out the story


Have a big blue sheet and a cardboard box and act out the story


Move like the sea, be the jungle growing, have a wild rumpus!


Use different construction sets to build the furniture in Max's room


Look at different leaves (the jungle) with microscopes/magnifying glasses and draw them


Blow different boats across the water tray - which is the fastest? Does it matter who's blowing?


Write messages in a bottle from Max, telling his mum he's sorry and wants to come home. Throw them in the 'sea'


Can you make plasticine float like Max's boat? You're NOT allowed to break bits of it!


I LOVE this story!

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