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Songs For Spring/ Growing


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Hi there

can anyone please share some nice songs, action rhymes I could use this term to link with topic on growing, spring etc

So far i have ' Theres a tiny caterpillar on a leaf' 'Im a little seed'


more the merrier!!



thanks :)

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My fave is 5 little peas.


5 Little peas (hold up hand showing 5 fingers) in a pea pod

pressed (snap hand into a fist as you say pressed)

1 grew (poke thumb out)

2 grew (poke 1st finger out)

and so did all the rest (poke out last 3 in time with words)

They grew and they grew (stretch hand up)

And they did not stop (reach as high as possible and use voice)

Until one day the pod went

POP! (either clap as you shout POP or do the pop thing with your finger in your cheek!)

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My class lat year liked one from Music Express called hello Mr Sun


Hello Mr Sun Hello Hello (wave hands)

Hello Mr Sun Hello

Shine down Shine down (make an arch downwards with hands)

And make my flowers grow ( hands growing upwards)


flowers is substitued in each verse with alternatives for example

And make my tulips grow

And make my dafodils grow

And make my buttercups grow

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An old favourite of ours that is easy to make hand actions to:


I had a little cherry stone

and put it in the ground.

When one day I went to look

a tiny shoot I found!

The shoot grew upwards,

day by day until it was a tree -

I picked some lovely cherries then

and ate them for my tea!

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Five little flowers (hold up five fingers)

Standing in the sun.

See their heds nodding, (make fingers nod)

Bowing, one by one (make fingers bow)

Down, down, down

Falls the gentle raid, (flutter fingers downwards)

And the five little flowers,

Lift up their heads again (hold up five fingers)



Song (to the tune of The Farmers in the Dell)

The farmer plants the seeds (x2)

Hay ho the Cheery O

The farmer plants the seeds.


The rain begins to fall


The sun begins to shine


The plants begin to grow


The flowers smile at me



I'm doing this topic too.

Any more good ideas?



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