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tapestry and wifi


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Hi all


Can anyone help?


I am the manager of a private day nursery and we are seriously considering using tapestry. However, we have only have internt access in our office, the signal is not strong enough to stretch into the nursery itself.

Therefore is it possible to use tapestry to record and save observations etc before we upload them to the tapestry server?

once these are saved our practitioners can take their tablets into the area where the wifi is available and upload them?

Is this possible?


Many thanks in advance


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Hi Jody,


I'm afraid you do require a stable internet connection to be able to access Tapestry; we recommend a minimum of 2mbps.


If lower than this you may experience issues accessing Tapestry e.g. it might not be able to log you in.


Adding an offline version of Tapestry is something that is on our list of things to look into for the future but unfortunately this is not available at the moment.

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