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Can I make a 'pinned observation"?


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I am wanting to provide parents with information re speech, communication and language and a phonics programme that will be happening in January over the course of a few months. It will involve sending home ideas for activities regularly etc


I thought the easiest way to keep them up to date would be to provide all the information in a observation. I was wondering if there is anyway I could keep this observation on the top of their observations/ front page as it were so that it doesn't get lost under other observations?


Am hoping what I'm writing makes sense!?


Many thanks


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It's not possible to pin an observation on Tapestry, but we can see how it might be helpful. So, we've had a chat about this in the office and have come up with the following solution to your issue. Tapestry displays observations in chronological order and so if you write the observation and put a date on it that is in the future (perhaps the day after the event/programme you are planning will be ending) - that way the observation will stay at the top of your observation list.

I have also added your idea to our list of things for us to talk about as we go forward planning enhancements and changes to the Tapestry system.

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Oh yes ok I see! Will give it a try thank you!


And really pleased to hear you may consider this a possible action in the future. It would be really useful to be able to provide parents with consistent access to information such as speech and language development that they can refer to throughout their child's time with us.


Thanks again! :-)

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