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Daily Diary-Revisited

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Hi,I am a Childminder and have just started using Tapestry.I'm loving it! It is so easy to write observations and see where the children are at with the snapshot functionality.However,I am disappointed that there is no daily diary-offered in both Kinderley and Baby Days packages.As childminder,I need to provide my parents with this,or rather this is something I offer to my parent and she wishes this to continue.However,when I am paying for a system it would be nice if I could do this from it! I know 'Tapestry' argument is that it is not something that parents will want to look back on and no it isn't but if it is something that assists in two-way parental communication-which it is- then it is value added functionality for both us,the parents and to further meet ofsted requirements.


Please will you reconsider.It only needs to be a form like the 'All About Me' where you can pick headers-daily sleep,breakfast,lunch,tea,activities etc but my parents can just log on then and see it-everything communicated through Tapestry other than the obvious verbal communication which will still take place daily.



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Hi Carole,

I think you might have been reading quite an old forum post about this?

We do now have the Daily Diary on our 'to do' list- and we'll work out a way of not including in the journal. We do still think it's not the kind of thing parents will want to read in a few years' time, but important whilst the child is at your setting, nevertheless. :1b

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