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You can choose when you want your baseline to be from - it doesn't matter if the date of the baseline is set to prior to your Tapestry package start date.

If you look at your snapshots screen you will see the Baseline option (top right). You can then manually set baselines for every child. If you click on 'individual' you will be able to select each child and set a date range for them which can be when they started with you, rather than when you started Tapestry. Once you have all the data in you can 'lock' the baseline so that is is fixed. Then, when you look at progress data the graphs will show progress from individual baselines.

If you want to change or manually add data for assessments (i.e teacher assessment which haven't directly come from an observation - just your professional judgement) you can do that on the summative screen (in snapshots). If you click on the individual child's name you will open a screen that has all their assessments in from the assessment period - if you want to change any you can do that from that screen. Remember to save any changes that you make (right at the bottom of the screen)

Hope that helps

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Good afternoon,

The individual baselines are automatically set to be 3 weeks from the child's first assessed observation or, if there isn't one, it will be today's date. However you can alter these to suit you. The baseline dates are different from the whole school assessment periods that you set up when you start with Tapestry - these are your term dates (usually 1/2 terms) that will be used when you are configuring analysis and looking at your summative assessments to see progress.

I hope that helps, if you need anything else, please do not hesitate to ask :1b

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