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The Age Band Tracker Snapshot across the whole time in the setting is the only one that doesn't have an individual child view. Our local authority advisor visited us and requested to see progress on an individual basis over the long term. There doesn't seem to be a simple way to produce this information. Could this snapshot have the option to select individual children. It is hard work to pick individual progress out on the group reports.


Many thanks.

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Good morning,

Well done on making your first post! When you look at your age-band tracker you can hover over an individual child and all the other children will 'disappear' from your screen and you can see the individual view of progress for that child.

Hope that helps

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Thank you for that Rebecca.


It works on the laptop but not the tablet. It still leaves the spaces for other names making it a large and not very easy document to interpret.


In general there seem to be lots of different options to see progress represented but I still cannot find a simple report to track an individual child's progression over their time at the setting. If you are reviewing the reports available this is something I would welcome.


Many thanks


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The comparison screen is the best view for this information- from the analysis tab, click on the EYFS heading and scroll down to the bottom. At the moment you can choose two assessment periods but in the future, we're hoping to be able to offer multiple assessment periods.

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