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I would like to see the key person and possibly their picture on the reports on the staff page.


I would also like another section at the front of the report as an introduction / summary and make the COEL (Key person's overview of child's playing, learning and thinking) optional.


We have also accidentally created a report under the wrong key person, so if this feature was introduced we would also need the ability to change the author of reports.





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The other thing I would like would be to be able to specify a time band to take the developmental age bands from.


The way we work is that we complete observations to the end of term then start to create the report in the next term. At the end of term we look back at the Tapestry generated age bands and refinements and we manually alter them where we feel they are not an accurate reflection of progress. For instance if a child is generally working in 30-50 but in this period has one observation in 40-60, Tapestry will set the child's age band as 40-60. Your professional judgement may think they her band of best fit is 30-50 though so will manually amend it.


We then create the report, and write it based on the age bands we have decided upon. If in between manually entering the age bands a new observation is made the age bands may change and the report is then generated with a different age band to the one you are expecting. I know that this is easily changed but it makes unnecessary work. If on the report you could specify the time period it covers ( like you can in a summative assessment) then you would ensure that the age bands on the report matched those manually entered and that they would not change.


Has anyone else experienced a problem here?

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