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I am the Early Years Leader at Alston and I am keen to start using Tapestry. The Pre-School which feeds into us is also keen to begin using it. We are not officially linked to the Pre-School but we are on one site and all of their children feed into us. Is it possible for us to begin using Tapestry together? I spoke to someone who said that one of us would have to be the host but I don't really understand!

Thank you

Pauline Porteus

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Hi Pauline,


Whilst we cannot stop you sharing a package we would strongly recommend you do not share a package due to the safeguarding implications surrounding OFSTED and data-sharing.


We have also heard feedback from other users that having separate packages for each cohort is easier to manage in terms of analysis and tracking and sharing a package between two settings would be more work in terms of setting up the package.


The account would also be set up under one email address which would mean the initial login details would be sent there and renewal invoices would also be sent to the same email, which is what I assume the person you spoke to about being a 'host' was referring to.


It is possible to transfer children between packages so if you had separate packages when the children move up from the pre-school you could transfer them to your package.

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