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Consultation on Level 3 Literacy and Numeracy requirements

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Caroline Dinenage has launched a consultation to gather opinions regarding the Numeracy and Literacy requirements of the Early Years Educator qualification. In her forward to the consultation she says:


"There is no doubt that strong numeracy and literacy skills are essential for those working with young children at a critical time in their development. It is vital that staff have an understanding of child development including how children acquire language and numeracy. It is also essential that they model good language, communication and mathematical and problem solving skills, and have the appropriate level of ability and confidence in their skills to communicate with a wide range of audiences such as parents, health workers, local authority staff, and other professionals. That is why through this consultation I want to hear your views on the numeracy and literacy knowledge and skills required to enable staff to perform their roles effectively.

The Government is increasingly working with employers to develop qualifications that are directly relevant to job roles. I support this approach but I am also mindful of the need to help staff gain the transferable skills and qualifications that enable them to progress their careers more broadly. I therefore invite respondents to also consider how we could achieve the right balance in terms of setting qualification requirements that fulfil both aims. I welcome views from a broad range of stakeholders on the questions posed in this consultation and I look forward to considering them. I plan to respond to this consultation as part of the forthcoming workforce strategy, which will also set out the Government’s wider vision for the early years workforce and a plan for how that will be
You have until November 28th to respond


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I've completed the consultation - I noticed an option to have a bespoke Literacy and Maths qualification that was sector specific - that's an interesting idea. The Gov't is saying that they want qualifications to be cross-sector, but with such a literacy / numeracy qualification that wouldn't be possible - maybe it could be a modular qualification that staff could choose more general ones if they thought they might not always be in EY or they could choose a module that was directly related to EY if they thought they would be staying in the industry. Then, as the end of their qualification they could have 'Level 3 maths, 65% EY weighting' or 'L3 maths 100% general weighting'. That would be interesting - I'd like that

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