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I want to be able to use Tapestry for useful pupil progress tracking and data analysis.


In order to do this I would need the Baseline information displayed on the age band tracker.


Unofrtunately, because it estimates, I'm finding the age band tracker not as useful as it could be when looking at pupil progress.


The Baseline screen, as it is just a spreadsheet, provides me with none of the percentages that I need when looking at pupil progress.


The age band tracker is a better screen format, but because it estimates, is inaccurate.


Could you add the Baseline information and each term's summative information to the age band tracker in a 'step tracker' format? This would then make Tapestry much more useful for settings looking at pupil progress.


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Could I just clarify what data on the age band tracker you believe to be estimated, is it the percentage or the actual age band and refinement?


The data in the age band tracker is taken from the snapshots, so the summative assessment worked out on Tapestry for each child per term. The summative assessment is worked out as an average based off the assessments you have made in observations, but it can be overridden in the individual view of snapshots for a child if you believe this data to be not entirely accurate.


The percentages on the age band tracker are the percentage of your children that have been assessed in that specific aspect for that specific term.


Baselines are not included in the age band tracker because of the fact that child's baselines are often different dates/periods of time. If you would like to see percentages of children for baseline and another term you can do this by going to the group comparison screen. You can find this screen by going to the analysis tab, clicking on where it says 'EYFS' and scrolling to the bottom of the page. From there by where it says 'comparison' you will need to select the 'group' button.


On this page you can then select the baseline term and another term you would like to compare it to and then select a group of children to view this for. This will then show you the percentage of children that are at or above their actual age for each term and the average months above actual age.

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I agree with the original poster, it would be useful to see the baseline assessment in the age band tracker as the original summative assessment to track from. In Reception at least this will be the beginning of the year for all children and this is the point from which lots of performance management and target setting is completed so to be able to see on the age band tracker in Reception baseline, end of autumn, end of spring, end of summer, would be really useful.





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Hi Emily,


The age band tracker estimates the age band and refinement in which the child actually is, I will copy the statement from the top of the Age Band Tracker:


EYFS Age Band Tracker

Estimations based on: Age bands and refinements

Tapestry's estimation is based on the refinement or the number statements that have been selected in each assessment. If both have been done, then the refinement is taken. If there is no refinement and no statement then the estimate is calculated as if the user had chosen the 'developing' refinement for that age-band.


What I'm finding is, after having inputted Baseline data, I wanted to pull up percentages etc. - which is exactly what the age band tracker provides. However, if staff have been entering observations with even one observation the age band tracker displays the child within that age band and refinement.


I understand what the percentages are telling me, the percentages are not as accurate, however, as my baseline/summative assessment.


I will look at the comparison tool, thank you. But to be able to see the baseline and summative assessments on the age band tracker screen would be perfect.




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Hi Hannah,


This section on the age band tracker actually refers to how the snapshots are calculated, thank you for bringing this to our attention, will make sure the wording is clearer that the age band tracker is not an estimation.


In terms of adding the baseline to the age band tracker, this is something I will add to our list of things to look into adding to Tapestry. :1b

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