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ARCHIVE to DVD for leaving children


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Hi there


I have been asked by the parents of leaving children, how they will access in the future their child's info and whether we could download the whole lot as a complete ARCHIVE on a DVD for their own use. I realize the info can be download in page form but I think somekind of interactive DVD would be superior.


I think this is a great idea and would like this facility if you cant do it already ??


Discuss ......

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Good morning,

As you say, you can download the journals in paper form, this will not include the videos (obviously!) Parents can download videos as they go along if they wish to and if you have enabled it on your control panel. I have attached a tutorial to help you.

We are looking at ways of exporting the whole journal with all it's contents included - but this is a difficult task and we are working hard on it so I can't tell you when it will happen - only that we would like to and there are already ideas being discussed here at FSF HQ

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