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I have signed up a child who already attends another setting and already has a tapestry account with them. Is the best way for us to both contribute to the same journal for them to add our setting as a parent?

If so what do other settings do in regards to accessing assessments for that child?

Any help gratefully appreciated!!





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You have a couple of options - each one works but has drawbacks ...


1. One of you could be added to the other package as a relative - then you would be able to comment on the same journal and you would be able to see what the parents have added - the drawback here is that you would not be able to see any assessment data unless the setting has clicked that all parents can see all assessment data - you would not see the overview data such as the summative view and so tracking and next steps planning might be tricky - although, with good communication between you - not impossible.

2. One of you could be added to the other package as a member of staff - then you would have full access to that child's data. To do this without creating safeguarding issues you would need to do the following (you'll have to miss bits that aren't relevant to yours /their setting)

  • Setting 1 adds 2nd setting staff member and assigns child as key child. Then set all staff to be able to see only their key children. If staff work with children other than their key children then you can set it up as follows - all children that staff member 'X' might want to observe are set as key children - so possibly all the children in a baby room. Then staff member 'Y' also has those children set as key children because she also might want to see them and write an observation about them (so potentially you might set all staff in one room as 'key people' for all the children in that room). Then you set manual 'groups' as your actual key person groups as these are handled differently - then you will be able to use the groups filter to look at different things for analysis purposes. You will then have groups called 'X's' key children etc
  • 2nd setting has to be able to access both Tapestry packages (their own setting as well as child's other setting)
  • 2nd setting staff logs into the account (with Mgr from Setting 1 present - for safeguarding reasons) and sets preferences to show key children only and saves
  • Now when 2nd setting KP logs into 1st Setting package they can only see their child and will be able to see all journal additions from other staff at setting 1 and also additions from parents. They will be able to see snapshot data for that child but analysis will only have one child - so comparative screens won't be helpful
  • The drawback to this is that analysis data will be limited so staff will still need to compare attainment / progress etc manually with cohort, also if child is in group photo the 2nd setting KP will see their faces if that feature has been enabled - You will need to think about if is this a problem and if you can get permission for this.
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