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Why does a refinement go lower than previous summarise assessments.


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Good morning!

Refinements don't change on their own, they stay the same until you make a new assessment. The data shown in analysis will change as the child gets older - I have explained this below.

Refinements are linked to expected age related stages of development. So if a child is assessed in one aspect and given a refinement of emerging they may be 'on track' for their age but if there is no subsequent assessment and the child gets older the refinement of 'emerging' may longer be 'on track' but will show as falling behind. On the analysis screen 'on track' shows as 0. If you see a negative number that is the number of months behind the 'expected' similarly, a positive number shows the number of months ahead of 'expected'.

So, a child who is 18 months old would be on track (0) at 8-20 with the refinement of Secure or 16-26 Emerging. If they were not assessed in that aspect for a term and were still showing those refinements when they were 21 months old they would be showing as -1 for the 8-20 months secure assessment (behind by 1 month) and also -2 months for the 16-26 months emerging assessment (behind by 2 months)

I have attached the tutorial that explains how the refinements work in analysis. Come back and ask if there are more questions! :1b

Refinements tutorial

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It will be due to the current assessment period - and which settings you have asked 'Tapestry' to look at. I can look into it further via a support ticket if you would like to send one in? tapestry.support@eyfs.info

This is because I'll need more details that might potentially identify the child as your user name is clearly your pre-school name. :1b

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