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We are currently reviewing our observation sheets. I have had a trawl around previous threads and pulled some examples together but wondered if anyone has one that particularly works well for them and willig to share it with me. Cheers.....in anticipation : )!

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I like what you have shared, useful all !


In our setting, as well as all sorts of normal obs, we have a system whereby we designate a particular child as the 'focus' for the session - everyone keeps an eye on them, adding post-its or narratives in their Obs book, these can then be evaluated and 'next steps' decided or proposed. It took a while to get these up and running, mostly because you have to be very conscious of who is the focus, but they are very useful. They can also be collated within the peer group to see if there are any common areas.



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In addition to the focused observation sheet attached previously, we have been told that we should be recording any incidental obs on mini notelets (sorry can't attach as it is a photocopied sheet, but they are slightly bigger than a post it note, which we have available on clipboards around the room. These should be used by all the staff on any of the children every day. The information on them should include:


Observation of:



Social Setting: adults: peers:







PSE CLL M KUW P C (Circle)


We were told that the focused observation should be used once a half-term on every child. We have decided to observe our key children.


We reassessing our planning routines, observations etc.



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