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Hi All


We are new to Tapestry but currently have parents either not wanting children on Tapestry or parents not wanting group photos to be shown, which currently they are not but is there a way to pixelate faces of individuals yet? I read a post from 2014 which said Tapestry would be looking at this for the future.


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No, it's not possible to mask individuals through Tapestry. However you can do it if you take the photo not through the app and then edit it manually using Photoshop or another photo-editing package. You can then upload it as media to your Tapestry. It's a fiddle I know - but our experience is that once parents have seen how you are using Tapestry and understand what it is and feel confident with it many of them change the permissions they gave initially - it might be worth running it for a while and then asking parents to look at their original permissions again.

If parents don't want their children on Tapestry at all that is a bit trickier - have you given them the security and safeguarding information (from your control panel > setting overview page) and have you talked them through the Tapestry Protocol document? If they see how security conscious you are they might be reassured. At the end of the day you can use Tapestry as part of your setting's policy and parents don't have to have it shared with them in real time - you could make arrangements to show them their child's journal each week and then I'm sure they'd wish they could see it 'live'.

Let us know if there are any other questions!

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