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Maybe this has been asked before (I have searched the forums but not found the answer I want)


When putting together summative assessments, how should I have Tapestry set up on the 'base summative assessments on'?


Ideally, I would like it to judge the child based on their highest assessment in that period, that makes the most sense to me. Am I missing or not considering something?


I currently have it set to 'age bands are refinments'


Many thanks



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Have you checked that the refinements have been added as you would expect them to be? If you look at the summative assessment and hover and then click over each aspect you should be able to see the contributing assessment - you should be able to identify which assessment is 'bringing down' the overall summative assessment. You can then think about whether that assessment is accurate or/and if you need to put some intensive support in for that child in that particular area.

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That is in Snapshots, isn't it? Under 'Show details".


Our staff do get a lot of observations throughout the term but not all of them are next steps. So, although a child may well be hitting next steps in the 40-60+ range, a lot of the days to day activities can fall into the 30-50 area. This effects where they sit in their summative. I know staff can override these.


Should staff be only focusing on next steps for Tapestry, so that they sit in the correct position for their summative?


Just trying to make sure we are doing everything right.


Many thanks :-)

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There is no 'should' as far as Tapestry is concerned - you know your children best of all and the next steps you might think of for your children might not appear on Tapestry at all (hence you can add your own).

If it were me I would be observing and assessing for a month (for example) and then reviewing what I had learnt about a child and then choosing a few next steps - both from Development Matters / Early Years Outcomes (Tapestry) and from my own personal knowledge about the individual child. I would then add these to Tapestry as an observation "Last month I noticed that ..... and so this month I am going to .... If you would like to help xxx at home then maybe you could ....." Then, when I did an observation that related directly to a next step I would title it "next step observation'. That way they would be easy to see and would show a clear observe / assess / review cycle and also show how you have encouraged and engaged parents' involvement.

You don't have to assess every observation - you can make a series of obs over a fortnight (for example) and then put a 'catch all observation' in for each aspect which you do assess, taking into account everything you have learnt. So, series of individual obs about PD for example then at the end of the period an obs called 'xxx's PD' and then you can assess every statement and strand if you want to, putting in refinements. Then you have a clear base from which to build your next steps.

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Ah, that is brilliant!


Thank you so much, I can see how that would make it a much better system.



Just one last thing, by 'catch all observation' you mean that you could sign off a whole section in one observation? Would ticking 'Age band only' and then putting a refinement would cover the whole section, that would cover the whole section?

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