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is it correct that if i don't attach a refinement such as emerging, developing and secure to the observations that tapestry will automatically move the children along according to the settings we have entered into thoroughness section. could someone please tell me if i have got this right?



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No - Thoroughness is entirely to do with the number of assessments that have been made - nothing to do with the the age/stage of those assessments.

If you don't put a refinement on, Tapestry will automatically allocated 'developing' for analysis purposes. You can change the way that Tapestry 'gets' analysis by choosing for it to look only at the age-bands allocated, or the age-bands and the refinements , or the statements that have been ticked - or combinations of these. You can change all these settings in control panel > settings > summative assessments.

I am attaching the relevant tutorial which might help you clarify your thinking!


Ask more questions if you are still struggling!

How figures in the analysis section are calculated

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