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Hi Everyone,


Me again :) hehe


I've had to redo work as there has been a conflict between tutor and assessor and the work I have previously done has now been flagged up as not good enough. I've got to get it all in order by end of today but need a bit of guidance.


Some questions I need some information on or somewhere I can read up on it


What is the purpose of a case conference?

Who might be involved?

How would you prepare a report for a case conference (include distinghuishing between directly observed information, information from reliable sources, hearsay, opinion)

KE10 C15.4 PC5

What external factors and constraints could make it difficult for children’s rights to be promoted?



Thank you again

I'm driving myself nuts


Dawn x

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Hi Sue,


Thanks have looked at it and it helps a little on some of the things I've been working on today.

Nothing on case conferences though :o


Thanks anyway


Dawn x

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Have a look at the Guidance, C15.3 again. Some of your queries are answered in there. And don't lose sight of the fact that that your Assessor can verbally question you to cover gaps, should all else fail



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