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More info on the app?

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I've just posted this in someone else's topic but thought I'd paste it in a new one so it didn't get muddled up. Hope that's ok.


We would love a bit more information on the app as our staff don't tend to use the browser unless they have to. I like the idea of the number of observations a child has had being displayed. It would also be great to be able to set a profile picture on the app, as opposed to logging into the browser to do this.

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The apps have been created deliberately to not be over-complicated and cluttered, but there is always a discussion to be had about what we include! We really want to keep the admin-type tasks, such as adding profile photos, to the control panel area on the browser version, but we'll certainly have a think about the possibility of displaying the number of obs somewhere on the app. I'm not sure which version of Tapestry you're using, but the browser version of the updated Tapestry is much better as it uses responsive design- therefore stretching and shrinking the size according to the device you're using. Your staff might prefer to use that for some/most/all of their time!

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