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I have been busy using tapestry for obs on individuals and groups of children and publishing these for parents to access. I was wondering if there is a way of just writing quick notes on individuals to add to the journal for assessment,without having to publish. Also can I assess without written notes or photos?


Thank you

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Hi Debs,

Well done on making your first post!

Yes, you can add obs and notes without publishing them - they will just sit on the child's journal as 'unpublished' and you can remove them if you need to (so if you write yourself a note and then use the contents in a fuller observation at a later date). When you make the observation you will see options: to publish now/immediately (so it goes into the child's journal and parents can see it), now for staff only/immediately for staff only (so this will go to the journal but will not go to parents) or after manager's approval (it will not go to the journal at all until you decide it should - then you can still select to send it to the journal, but not for parents)

Yes, you could assess without written notes or photo - you would just select new observation and just fill in the assessment boxes - alternatively you could go to the snapshot summative assessment and choose 'individual' and you could make attainment assessments based on your professional knowledge without linking to an observation - these are called 'manually defined' assessments in tapestry (because they haven't come down from an observation)

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Hi Debbie,

Sorry about the confusing message.

Right now, that banner just means it's not fully in the journal (because it's not visible to parents). So it has been added just like you wanted, only for staff.

I'm going to fix the message so it says the right thing, thanks for letting us know.


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