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If you use your snapshot tab - and then select the summative assessment > group view that will tell you where your children are at now.

The analysis tab will let you look at progress over time. If you choose analysis > EYFS > then you can choose to look at thoroughness ( number of assessments), attainment (where child are at) or progress (how they have done form one period to another).

If you scroll to the bottom of the pages you can see 'picker screens' which will let you see different levels of detail.

Have a play around and see what you can find - I have attached a tutorial to help you explaining analysis


If you want progress from baseline you should do the following:

Analysis > EYFS > Progress > scroll down to the bottom > child picker screen > Select baseline as period 1 and then your latest assessment period as period 2 > that will show you the average months progress +/- for each child and each group


I have attached a tutorial to explain for your how the analysis data is calculated: Analysis data

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