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Hi Rebecca, thank you for your reply. I understand that it uses assessment critera from the EYFS framework but some areas seem a little vague. It could just me me but it feels like some areas are missing a few important points. For example, children knowing their colours, the ability to ride bikes, sitting for an extended period of time, counting. Simple aspects which are actually rather important for Pre-school age children. I appreciate you can't put ALL aspects relating to the EYFS but just feel that some of the main ones are missing.

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Hi Debbie,

We are working on an EYFS + SEND assessment framework- to demonstrate those smaller steps of progress that might not be picked up when just using the Development Matters document. However, I'm not sure adding in knowledge of colours, ability to ride bikes and sitting for an extended period of time will feature in that framework. (Counting is obviously in the Dev Matters document in the Maths section).

You can of course record these skills through narrative observations- and include photos/videos. They just don't appear in an existing assessment framework at the moment!

I'm not sure if we could ever offer the option of creating your own bespoke framework- but we'll discuss this with the rest of the team here. :1b

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