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I was just wondering is there any easy way to see who needs a baseline assessment? On the old website as you scrolled through the children if they did have a baseline it would be displayed and if not there would be no display. It was very easy to quickly see who needed one that way.


Also, baseline assessments are completed within 6 weeks of the child starting with us and sometimes the children are under two so will only have information on the prime areas. Does anyone else have this issue? I am trying to think of a way around it, I am thinking at the time of the child's two year check the key person should update the baseline assessment to include the specific areas? But am wondering what everyone else does and if there is a better way?





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HI Sarah,

If you go to your snapshot screen and look at 'baselines > group view' and select 'any' children you will be able to see who doesn't have a baseline as there would be a complete gap. You could then click on their name to complete the baseline.

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