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OFSTED are looking at progress but we cant export the Age Band tracker, I still have to do this manually is this something that is going to happen, just an option to export to excel or even hide the unused columns so I can see it on one page?



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I have made a note that you would like to be able to export the age-band tracker.

If you are looking for progress data for Ofsted if you go to the analysis screens and search for the EYFS screen and then scroll right down to the bottom you can use the comparison tools to show groups progress - you need to add the terms for comparison in the order that they occurred (i.e autumn 1 then Autumn 2 etc) as the graph plots them in the order you choose them!


I have attached the analysis tutorial so that you can see how the progress data is calculated

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Ive only just had time to look at this, and the options are either in percentages (cannot explain this easily enough) or a page per child. I currently export a snapshot of the whole setting at the end of each term then colour code that term, filter it so I basically have one large spreadsheet of all children and i can scroll down to see if there are any anomalies in their progress, for example going from 40-40mths in an area down to 22-36mths, straight away i can easily look at the area in question, but its very time consuming to get to this point, as far as I can tell its really no different to the age band tracker which I have asked for a simple export feature.

I did explain that the analysis is way too techy for most of us, it woudl be nice to perhaps have a poll on what we would like to be available as a priority?

I can give you an example of my spreadsheet.



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Thanks for your suggestions- we will be examining the analysis sections very shortly and conducting a detailed review of them. The difficulty with it so far is that over the last couple of years many users have asked for certain features, which we have implemented. However, that has now made things quite complicated and can be overwhelming for some people, we appreciate!

We are hoping to include a way of comparing more than two assessment periods in the comparison screen- which I believe is what you're looking for? Yes, do add your spreadsheet here :1b


Exporting the age-band tracker to a printable version is not an easy task, I'm afraid! You can imagine the view could be very long and very wide! But we'll certainly consider some options.

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