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I wondered what other settings are doing about having other children in photos. Have you asked parents if they mind their child being in group photos? Many of our photos contain multiple children and i know i can select the photo to be hidden but have people done this? Parents cannot share photos. I am worried that a parent may come back saying they dont want other people to see photos of their child but trying to avoid this would be a nightmare.


We are using tapestry but have not yet made it live to parents. Would love to hear what others have done or if they got permission for group photos?

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Many settings have a form that they ask parents to sign regarding photographs, there are some examples in the resource library - I have included a link for you. Tapestry resources


Some settings do 'mask' faces in group observations and it hasn't been a nightmare for them. Alternatively, you can take a series of individual photos and put them to individual journals but you can write the observation and then copy the contents of the observation from one child to another - assuming that you are not mentioning them by name.

I think once staff get into the habit of only having one child in a picture it's not a problem. Or, you could take group photos not through Tapestry (just using the camera) and then you can edit them using the photo-editing software on your device (Photoshop for example). You could then mask individual faces in the photograph - this is a bit of a fiddle, but once staff understand what they are trying to do (we have heard from settings who do this) that it works well.

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