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Hi I am new to Tapestry. I want to be able to see by individual child, their up to date status. So their aspect, age band and refinement they are at currently, based on the full length of time at the setting not just one term. Can I do that?


Also can we adjust how many observations need to completed in each aspect before a child is moved up a refinement level?


Hope you can help!



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Good morning Cheryl,

Well done on making your first post!

In terms of looking at the up to date info on your child on Updated Tapestry you look at the snapshots screen. If you choose this screen and then select 'summative assessment' you can choose to look at individual children for the assessment period you are in.

Alternatively you can use the analysis screen and go through the EYFS page to the Progress page and then scroll to the bottom to look at progress over time where you can look at more than one assessment period and select just one child to see where there were and where they are now.


We (Tapestry) absolutely don't believe that ticking a certain number of statements or making a certain number of observations automatically moves a child from one refinement to another - you could observe a child being unable to do something 20 times and if you were relating the number of observations to movement through the refinements you would say they were secure - but they wouldn't necessarily be - they might just have 'not been able to do it' lots of times.

One way of doing it is not to use refinements at all on every observation - but to just assign age bands to the obs when you are assessing them. Then periodically (every couple of weeks?) you could use the summative assessment screen to get an overview of all your observations in an area and then put a refinement for the whole aspect. On Tapestry this is called 'manually defining'. Then you would be able to bring all your professional judgement to bear whilst looking at a range of observations giving you an overview of the aspect and enabling you to make an informed assessment of which refinement would be most appropriate.

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