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If you are trying to delete a child that has active relatives attached you won't be able to. Are your sure you want to delete? You can make a child 'inactive' and then they will be out of your package but their data will be retrievable another day if necessary - if you delete them and then you need them for any reason there will be a problem!

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At one point it was possible to delete relatives if the child they were associated with had been deleted. However, we were finding that occasionally settings would reactivate a deleted child but the observations made by the deleted relative were not reactivating properly. Consequently, we have changed the way that Tapestry works.
Now, it is not always possible to delete relatives from your Tapestry package. If you are using the updated version of Tapestry you can only delete a user if they have no observations, comments or reports. This remains the case even if those observations are in a "deleted" state i.e part of a deleted child's journal. So really, you're only going to be able to delete a relative if they have never added anything to Tapestry.
If you are using the original version of Tapestry, you can only delete a relative if they have either never added anything to Tapestry or if what they have added has specifically been deleted. Deleting the child won't allow you to delete the relative - you would need to go through all of the relative made observations and delete them individually.
You can make relatives inactive at any point though which will remove them from your list of 'active' relatives and will mean they are unable to access Tapestry.
We will be introducing, at some point over the next academic year, the condition that you can have one 'inactive group' (of parents and children) and one active group. The inactive group will probably be limited in size to match your active package size. So, when you need to make a second group 'inactive' we will delete the previous inactive group. You will not be able to keep a group inactive indefinitely - the Data Protection advice is that you can keep data for as long as you might reasonably need it. If you choose to export and save your children's data to DVD or to a PDF for parents to download does not affect this - but if you are saving your children in this way their data is not contributing to your analysis on Tapestry.
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