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Hi there,

We are in our 4th year of Tapestry now and have it up to year 4, our head teacher wants to extend this all the way through to year 6 but I can't seem to get any analysis or anything for ks1 or 2? Is this not developed yet? We want to expand through to year 6 with the idea we can use the analysis section.

Thank you.

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Snapshots are there for KS1 and 2- on the grey bar underneath the snapshots heading.

In the absence of any government guidelines on assessing without levels, we would be very interested to know how you would like to see any analysis for these key stages. :1b

We've been considering new screens showing percentages of children achieving emerging, developing, and secure across the KS1 and 2 statements, and numbers/ percentages of children at ARE (but how you determine ARE is a matter for discussion!)

As usual, we really like to hear your suggestions so maybe we could use this thread to have a conversation about KS1 and 2 analysis? What would you like to see to demonstrate curriculum coverage and pupil progress?

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The new screens you are considering sound like a really good idea, we feel that the common terminology that we have heard most schools using, seems to be “beyond”, “secure”, “close to” and “not met”. These screens that would show where children were at within the suggested statements across the curriculum would be really useful as a quick snapshot, to analyse the cohort or class quickly, much like you can do with EY. I guess the analysis screens could be around the percentages of children working within 'secure' or 'not met' etc, like you can do with children in EY for those showing good progress, or how many boys are working within certain 'descriptors' if you like.

I have discussed this with my Headteacher and she is really keen to pursue this and is really willing for us to speak to other schools, head teachers etc and gather suggestions from many other schools as to what they would like to have as far as analysis for KS1 & 2. We collaborate with not only Island Schools, but across the South Central region so we have a lot of opportunity to explore. As far as we know we are one of very few (if not the only) island school ready to take this all the way through into year 6 but have to be sure that is going to be beneficial for the teachers from an assessment and preparation point of view too.

Something we could tick/ highlight or use to ensure coverage would be good and in terms of progress, I guess it would have to still link to what is classes as 'expected progress' within a year group.

ARE is a whole new discussion! ( we will have a think!!)

She has asked me to see if I could negotiate with you a deal for us to work to gather suggestions, ideas and collate some findings of what people might like with a deal on our subscriptions, we currently have Reception to year 4 subscribed, and are excited to get it started through to Years 5 & 6. Before we make our final decision, please could you let me know if this would be a possibility and something you'd like us to work together on.

Thank you for always being so open to ideas and suggestions, and for replying so promptly.

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Hi there,

We are already in discussion with a number of schools who are giving us useful information regarding the assessment data and progress information they would like us to include in Tapestry. We like to work with our 'weavers' in this sense of community- where we discuss together, and end up with the analysis screens that we all want to see. :1b

I'm afraid we can't do deals with everyone who tells us what they would like us to include in Tapestry- sorry!

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