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I am currently a little confused. So usually we all print out our next steps per term. This time it seems to be showing no next steps for the new term, I saw another post saying to use the next steps from the end of the previous term which makes sense, but then we are losing the observations from the last few weeks?

Why don't the observations carry over from each term?

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If you have made assessments in this current assessment period, there will be next steps to view.

If you haven't made any assessments for any aspects during this assessment period, there won't be any next steps, so the next obs is the tab to look at. This suggests things to look out for, so you can make some assessments.


To get started in the new term, set the next steps from the previous term so you can get some observations and assessments done based on those. Then, as I said above, as soon as you've started to make assessments for this period, there will be next steps showing when you next click that 'next steps' tab. :1b

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