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I have beenn asked by the head to come up with % of where i want the majority of children to be at the end of each half term for the whole of the foundation stage. E.g 30% to write name in nursery by end of autumn term .Has anyone had to do anthing similar or got any suggestions??PLEASE!!

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This quotation, Cathy Nutbrown’s Treads of Thinking, I think sums it up really. I found it some time ago and have it in my diary Sorry, doesn't help you much I know.


'Down the conveyor belts come rows of empty containers of sundry shapes and sizes. Beside the belts is an array of pouring and squirting devises, controlled by employees of the factory. As the containers go by, these workers squirt various amounts of different substances - reading, spelling, math, history, science - into the containers.


Upstairs, management decides when the containers should be put on the belt, how long they should be left on, what kinds of materials should be poured or squirted into them and at what times, and what should be done about containers whose openings seem to be smaller than others, or seem to have no openings at all'.



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