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Characteristics of Effective Learning

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We have devised our own system to record the Characteristics of Effective Learning and have different characters for different aspects. In the future, would it be possible to add these to this section for observations, so they can be simply ticked. Both the children and parents are aware of these and the parents are used to the children coming home talking about these.

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Thank you. We were thinking of the possibility of just having a box that could be ticked that could match ours. This is what we are doing, but know other schools do different characters looking at the forums, such as cbeebies characters etc.


We have 8 achievosaurs and a magnetic board in each classroom with the children's photos on. At the end of each day they move their faces. We also have teddy dinosaurs to match each achievosaur that we put in the areas we want to promote. Would be really beneficial to us if we could add these in somehow, then we wouldn't have to work out which was which etc.


I have copied the achievosaurs below and will take a photo of the board once I am back in school.




Dinosaurs for Characteristics of Effective Learning

Playing and Exploring




I like to explore everything around me.


I like to explore all areas of the classroom/outdoor area

I can work alone or in a group

I can start activities and ask others if they would like to join in.





I like to share things with others.


I can share the equipment I am using with others.

I ask other children if they would like to share equipment with me.

I let others use equipment before I do.

I can play games fairly and take turns.


Active Learning




I can stick at an activity for a long time.


I can concentrate on an activity for a long period of time.

I can continue my activity without being distracted.

I can take care to complete the activity the best I can.





I try my best and don’t give up, even when something is really difficult.


I can ask adults for help when I need it.

I have a go at activities myself before I ask adults for help.

I can finish the activity I start, even when I find something difficult.





I am proud of what I can do.


I can complete activities on my own.

I can show others what I have done and explain how I have done it.

I enjoy challenges and completing activities I may find difficult at first.


Creating and Thinking Critically




I can think of my own ideas.


I can think of my own ideas for activities and ask others to join in.

I can think of my own ideas of how to complete an activity.

I can use what I already know to complete a new activity.


Solveosaurus Rex


I work hard to solve problems.


I can make a plan of how I am going to complete an activity.

I can try to complete activities and try a different way if it doesn’t work.

I can explain to others how I have done an activity and why I changed it.






I can ask questions.


I can comment about what I am learning.

I can ask questions to adults.

I can ask other children in the class questions.

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Thank you for explaining this, it does look very specific to your own school and so would not be transferable to all Tapestry users. We will, however, keep in mind the suggestions you have made about being able to identify the CoEL very quickly within the observations.

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